SPL Aims and Objectives


1.Publication of half-yearly/yearly journal of research in English especially on Indian English and Urdu Literatures and other literatures

2.The setting-up of a SPL library of books and journals mainly on IEL (Indian English and Urdu Literatures) and allied areas.

3.Preparation of a directory of research in IEUL

4.Preparation of a directory of specialists in IEUL with full bio-data publications.

5.Annual national seminars and conferences.

6.Periodical workshops on the mechanics of writing, documentation and other problems related to research and research papers.

7. Providing help to research scholars and institutions in studies and research.

8.Publication of books under the banner of SPL

9.To establish Society for Progressive Letter in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India to ensure public welfare through society and make efforts for its development.

10.To work for creating awareness for personal as well as public hygiene to promote better health in rural and urban areas.

11.To work for water conservation through campaigns, awareness programs, conferences and on-ground activities in rural and urban areas.

12.To promote organic farming by creating awareness about harmful effects of pesticides, fertilizers, hormones.

13.To promote sustainable energy systems like solar plants and other forms to protect environment and save power.

14.To work for bringing in sustainable development by taking steps for eradicating poverty, providing elementary, educational, promoting gender equality, improving maternal health, environmental sustainability.

15.To work for the upliftment of poor sections of society especially women and children bringing betterment in their living environment and improvement in their financials status.

16.To work toward promotion of policies, instructions and capacities to strengthen the voice and participation of poor and improving their social economic status through democratic governance.

17.To work towards eradication of illiteracy in well-defined area on carrying out literacy campaigns which area specific time bounding volunteer based, cost effective and outcome oriented.

18. To carry out study, research and provide expertise in the area of family rights, children rights and women rights under the broad context of human rights. Focused program for awareness of women, children and elders’ rights.

19. To network, collaborate with other NGOs, CBOs, and government agencies to foster sustainable environment and natural resources management.

20. Arranging Seminars, workshops, tanning programs, symposia, lectures, debates, panel discussions, conferences and courses on current research topics and other topics of international, national and local interest pertaining to research, training and applied aspects of social and development related issues.

21. To establish, run and manage schools, colleges, educational institutions and to organize computer courses and technical and vocational education with the help and aid from the Govt. agencies. Institutions, societies, trusts etc. And for the said purpose establish institutions, computer centers at villages, districts, state at all India level.

22. To promote sports, provide sports and games facilities, organize tournaments and sports-meets and functions.

23. To provide medical facilities to the General Public and infirm people, run and maintain hospitals.

24. To establish charitable education center in backward sector for poor children both girls & boys for their educational, mental development by managing education of useful subjects like Urdu, Hindi, English, Mathematics, Geography, History, Economics. Commerce and Arts and also establish for development and welfare of women specially to educate the old women through concise syllabus and to arrange for their examination for junior and High School classes at various places.

25. To give shelter, and counseling to the destitute women like young and old widows, unmarried mothers, victim of rapes, children of prisoners, and their dependent children to give them social values-based education and vocational training.

26. To do all in its power by use of lawful steps to eradicate things such as the dowry system, child marriage, child labor, wastage of money in the various functions and use of intoxicating substance.

27. To establish, run, manage and maintain schools with the objective of providing nursery, pre-primary, primary, middle, secondary, senior secondary and higher education & professional education to children and student by seeking recognition and affiliation with the education departments already in existence by the permission of government.

28. To offer prizes, award scholarship, issue certificates, diplomas and degrees as the society sees fit to deserving student and to offer all possible facilities to the students who are interested to go for higher education.

29. To arrange and conduct meetings, assembly fellowship, classes, seminars, workshops, conference, campaign, example of practicable application events and lectures to provide opportunities for study and research and to make available the finding to anyone who can use them for the benefit of mankind.

30.To promote such awareness by organizing meeting, seminars, gathering, etc. and to

have expert to instinct addicted and other interested persons in the community.

28. To bring awareness to the public on matters relating to preserving the environment. To provide students with training on the harmful effects of pollution and other practices, otherwise detrimental to public welfare.